Wordpress tags - select from pre-determined list?

Wordpress tags - select from pre-determined list?

I have a WordPress install in which registered users are allowed to post articles. The problem lies in the Tags section. I like the idea of letting them add tags, but it's getting crazy. Often there are 3 or 4 of the same tag just spelled differently, sometimes people put weird stuff for tags, etc. I'd like to be able to allow "adding" of tags to the posts, but not actual "creation" of the tag itself - I want the user to have to pick from a pre-determined list. That list could be a drop-down menu, some fancy jQuery thing, I really don't care. Open to ideas/suggestions. Something maybe how StackOverflow does it? Thanks!

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Are you able to use categories instead of tags? This would be easier to did by pre-loading categories and restricting users to a role this can't create categories.. what the best solution for user driven content on my website If you really want to stick with tags, I think you'll have to search through Adam R Brown's list of action hooks and locate the hook this fires when a tag is added. Iterate through custom post type by custom taxonomy type? (Ordering wordpress posts by category, or displaying custom post type by taxonomy term) . Dissallow robots for a while If an appropriate action hook isn't available, You could add your own. Custom Post Type and Taxonomy Permalink Rewrite in WordPress 3.0.1. Wordpress get_image_tag filter - change image attributes? I BELIEVE this tags are added by _wp_ajax_add_hierarchical_term() in wp-admin/admin-ajax.php and this is where you would add the custom hook. How to show custom page as Wordpress theme home page instead of index.php Look through the code in the trac page for the file. See if it makes sense and test it out..


Since no one else answered this question with a simple to use snippet, and since it is beyond my ability to write my own code, I am choosing an answer based on knowledge this is above me..

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