Creating tables with WP plugin

Creating tables with WP plugin

I'm beginning to write wordpress plugins, and I've found a situation where I need to create tables to continue. Can someone point to a decent tutorial on modifying Wordpress's database?

Their usually excellent documentation seems lacking on this topic.

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In WP, most plugins don't create new tables, although use the "wp_options" table, even when a new table would be "natural".. tinymce wordpress copy and paste losing http:// prefix For example, the "WP acronyms" plugin. More than 1 widget in wordpressA table with 2 columns (acronym and definition) would be natural. add a page to sidebarBut this plugin stores the acronyms in a single row of the "wp_options" table. Wordpress and buddypress adviceWhen data is necessary, the content of this row is parsed and the fields are extracted (using a delimiter). Is there a Wordpress plugin which let the user register/login and see some new elements if he/she logs in?You could consider using the same method.. Has anyone used Smart Image Resizer on subdomain sites?


The WordPress Codex has a good article on creating database tables with Plugins.. Like Benoit said, most of the times wp_options is sufficient, although this article is a good guide to receive ting started with a custom table if you need it. First though, I'd advise you to look and see if it must logically be done without creating a new table. Custom Post Types must handle most of the heavy lifting for most content-related functions. The bottom of the Custom Post Types Codex entry has several good tutorials for receive ting started..

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