Upload audio video files in Wordpress post/page

Upload audio video files in Wordpress post/page

How could I upload audio/video files in my wordpress post or page? Indeed there is an icon buttons to upload both type of files but when I used the Add Video button, browse a video file & update my post, I surprised that it only showed a link of that video file and when I vied it's HTML there were no tag of .... So how it is possible to add audio/video file in wordpress post/page form my Dashboard Panel means I don't want to copy/paste embed code from youtube or some where else in my HTML code. Like for audio I found

[audio http://wpcom.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/mattmullenweg-interview.mp3|width=180] 

similarly for video I found

<embed src="http://wpcom.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/mattmullenweg-interview.mp3" width=180></embed> 

that are not the best way to add 100s of audio/video files in Wordpress post/page..!


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In order to display a video in Wordpress you need to embed using the HTML5 "Video for everybody" method or another video player.

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