Use multiple checkbox in wordpress admin

Use multiple checkbox in wordpress admin

I have created a menu to manage user records for wordpress admin. While listing the record I have used check box to select and unselect the record as in Pages menu.

I have to select whole address or name on checkbox click. But here what happens is that when I click on name it selects whole checkbox including name and address. I do not have an idea how the check box works.

Here is the code

    <?php       foreach($record as $record_row)       {         $name = $record_row->name;         $address = $record_row->name;       ?>        <tr>          <th class="check-column" scope="row">           <input  name="names[]" class="one" type="checkbox" value="<?php echo $record_row->ID; ?>">          </th>          <th class="check-column" scope="row">           <input  name="address[]" class="two" type="checkbox" id="address[]" value="<?php echo $record_row->ID; ?>">          </th>          <td class="column-icon media-icon" width="30%"><?php echo $record_row->name; ?></td>          <td class="post-title page-title column-title"><?php echo $record_row->name; ?></td>        </tr>        <?php        }?> 

Can anyone help me. Thanks in advance.

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Get rid of the id attribute on the checkbox - it's invalid syntax for starters, and every id in your document must be unique!.
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