Create drop down menu of Posts from Category in Wordpress

Create drop down menu of Posts from Category in Wordpress

I'm working on this site for a friend.

Currently the menu navigation is running through Pages i've created each gallery in.

When it comes time to expand the site - I want it to be fairly dynamic so that each gallery page/post is added to the drop down menu automatically and she doesn't have to edit the nav.php file in order to get them to show correctly.

Surely there is a work around for this? I may have gone about the setup the wrong way - should I have created the galleries as Posts and not Pages?

If Pages are alright - is there a way to work the menu better so that it lists the Pages under each category?

I feel it would work a lot better in the future if all the galleries were Posts in a category??

So the Wordpress Structure is currently:

Nav text is html > ul & li creates nav list pages manually > Page (each new gallery) with an iframe

This is what the nav.php currently looks like

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Pages are fine for what you're doing.

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Create a page for each of the top level navigation items.

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Next, create sub pages for each sub level (i.e.

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set their page parent in the admin console).

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You'll end up with a page structure that looks like the following:.
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Photography     Fashion         Gallery 1         Gallery 2         Etc. 

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Still Life Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Etc.

Art & Illustration Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Etc.

Then in your nav.php you can output this all in a <ul> structure with the following method:.
<?php wp_page_menu(); ?> 
The documentation on the above method is here..

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