cforms plugin error in wordpress

cforms plugin error in wordpress

i am new to wordpress , i am using cforms II plugin in my site. i am getting following error.

It seems that your ROOT directory for Wordpress is /green. cforms tried to auto-adjust its settings accordingly, however if you still encounter issues with Ajax (form submission & CAPTCHA reset) please open the file js/cforms.js in your cforms plugin folder and check the sajax_uri variable. (After changing the file, please emtpy your browser cache!)

and when add captcha to my forms, it is not added, not displayed at front side.

why do i get this error .

please help me

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You should refer to the CformsII FAQ as Oliver has an entire section dedicated to your problem.

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In short you probably need to check the configuration for your cforms.js and lib_ajax.php file, clear your cache, and restart your browser..
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