Last login time using the ASP.NET Membership API

Last login time using the ASP.NET Membership API

I want to find out the last login time for a user in my ASP.NET MVC 1.0 application. I'm using the Membership provider for authentication. Although I'm able to retrieve the last login time using:

public ActionResult LogOn(string userName, string password, bool rememberMe, string returnUrl)     {          if (!ValidateLogOn(userName, password))         {             return View();         }          string lastLogin = Membership.GetUser(userName).LastLoginDate.ToString(); 

This returns the current time from the column LastLoginDate from aspnet_Membership table. Is there a way to tap into the former login time before the records get updated? Are cookies the only way to do this?

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Try to call the line before you do the ValidateLogOn.

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The LastLoginDate is updated if Membership.ValidateUser is called, and I suppose you call that in ValidateLogOn.

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So if you start your LogOn with your current last line then it should give you really the last login date.....
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