post row where radio button is checked

post row where radio button is checked


<form id="numbers-form" method="post" action="/Numbers/Numbers"> <table id="numbers">     <tr>         <th>             prvi_br         </th>         <th>             drugi_br         </th>         <th>             treci_br         </th>     </tr> <% int rb = 1; %> <% foreach (var item in Model) { %>      <tr>          <td>         <%= Html.Encode(item.prvi_br) %>         <input type="radio" name="<%= Html.Encode(rb) %>"  value="<%= Html.Encode(rb) %>" id='<%= Html.Encode(item.prvi_br) %>'/>         </td>         <td>         <%= Html.Encode(item.drugi_br) %>         <input type="radio" name="<%= Html.Encode(rb)%>" value="<%= Html.Encode(rb) %>" id='<%= Html.Encode(item.drugi_br) %>'/>         </td>         <td>         <%= Html.Encode(item.treci_br) %>         <input type="radio" name="<%= Html.Encode(rb)%>" value="<%= Html.Encode(rb) %>" id='<%= Html.Encode(item.treci_br) %>'/>         </td>     </tr> <% rb++; %>  <% } %> </table>         <p>             <input type="submit" value="Save" />         </p> </form> 

Controller action:

    [HttpPost]     public ActionResult Numbers(int[] rb)     {         brojevi br = new brojevi();         for (int i = 1; i <= rb.Length; i++) //in this line I have error:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.         {             br.prvi_br = i;             br.drugi_br = i+1;             br.treci_br = i+3;         }         numbers.AddTobrojevi(br);         numbers.SaveChanges();         return View();     } 

I try to post data row in wich radio button is checked but failed, what is wrong??

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Shouldn't your Numbers method accept a FormCollection instead of an int[]?.
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Something like this seems to work, but not knowing your functionality, it's hard to tell if it will suit your purpose:.
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[HttpPost] public ActionResult Numbers(FormCollection fc) {      foreach (string key in fc.Keys)     {         int i = Convert.ToInt32(key);         // i = the number of the item that was selected. 

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} return View(); }

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