Passing PaginatedList to ActionResult MVC C#

Passing PaginatedList to ActionResult MVC C#

I wanted to create a simple paginated search for my project. I'm having trouble with my 'advanced search' page, where I have several textbox inputs that the user would fill with the appropriate data (basically just several filters).

My view is strongly-typed with the paginatedList class similar to the NerdDinner tutorial.

In my controller, I wanted to pass the PaginatedList as a parameter since my view contains several bits of info from the PaginatedList model. The PaginatedList was null (as parameter), then I changed added the route; the object itself is not null anymore, but the values are.


<%= Html.TextBox("Manufacturers", Model.Manufacturers) %> <%= Html.TextBox("OtherFilters", Model.FilterX) %> //...etc etc 


public ActionResult AdvancedSearchResults(PaginatedList<MyModel> paginatedList) { //... } 

Any ideas? Am I even going about this correctly? Should I create a ViewModel that encapsulates the paginatedList info as well as the additional info I need instead?

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You may want to create SearchCriteria class which contains user's input data for filtering.. ASP.NET MVC Ajax Actions results enveloping Controller will have the Action as below:. AJAX with Jquery in ASP.MVC2
public ActionResult AdvancedSearchResults(SearchCriteria criteria) {     PaginatedList<MyModel> result = SearchService.Search(criteria);     return View(result); } 
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