ActionLink sending a model of a complex type

ActionLink sending a model of a complex type

I'm trying to paginate the results of a "advanced search", I have a complex model that represents the search options;

int ZipCode int MinAge int MaxAge Availability     bool Monday     bool Tuesday     ...     bool Friday Requirements     bool FirstAid     bool DriversLicense 

I'm using;

<%: Html.ActionLink("Next »", "Save", "Notification", Model.options)%> 

Which correctly sends all the data at the first level, but anything that is a sub-object (Availability or requirements) isn't expanded in the URL, all I get is the class name and so I lose most of the search options when I click the link to change to a different page.

Any thoughts?

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I ended up creating a overridden ToString() method, which converted the complex model to a query string.

Then created a Flat model which mapped the query string and a convert method to pop me back out the original complex object.. I won't lie...

It's a lot of a hack.. But it all works, and rather reliably.


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