Using XNamespace to create nicely formatted XML

Using XNamespace to create nicely formatted XML

I want to create a Xml file that looks something like this:

<Root xmlns:ns1="name1" xmlns:ns2="name2">
    <ns1:element1 />
    <ns1:element2 />
    <ns2:element3 />

How can I accomplish this using XAttribute, XElement, XNamespace, and XDocument where the namespaces are dynamically added.

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I assume by "namespaces are dynamically added" you mean the namespace prefix.

Why does this script-fu not work?
This generates the document, how close is it to what you meant?.
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        XNamespace ns1 = "name1", ns2 = "name2";          XElement elem = new XElement("Root",                  new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "ns1", ns1),                  new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "ns2", ns2),                 new XElement(ns1 + "element1"),                 new XElement(ns1 + "element2"),                 new XElement(ns2 + "element3"));          elem.Save("example.xml"); 

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