How to debug client certificate using IIS5.1 on XP and C#

How to debug client certificate using IIS5.1 on XP and C#


I need to develop a website (in C#, 3.5) that will require client certificates. I'd like to debug this, using Visual Studio. I have setup IIS to use a self-signed certificate using the excellent tool SelfSSL I have also setup the default site to require SSL and to require client certificates. But I do not know how to create a client certificate that is accepted by IIS. When browsing to the testsite I get the (expected) error:

HTTP 403.7 - Forbidden: Client certificate required 

How can I create a client certificate?

[UPDATE] I have created a certificate with makecert, as suggested by sipwiz. However, IIS doesn't seem to recognize this certificate as a valid client certificate. I've exported the servers certificate and added the -ic (servercert) switch. This still doesn't do the trick.

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You can use Microsoft's makecert utility..
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You may need to tweak the command line options but something like the below should get you started:.
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makecert -pe -n "CN=MyName" -a sha1 -eku -ss my clientcer.cer.
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Edit: Added -eku parameter, looks like it's needed for IIS client certs..
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Are any of your "client certificates" loaded into your personal certificate store?. Run > mmc > Add/Remove Snap-in > Certificates > My user account > Personal > Certificates . That is where IE expects the client certificates to be.

Once there, IE will ask you which certificate to use.. Brandon.

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