selecting a column with jquery-ui selectable

selecting a column with jquery-ui selectable

I have a table that represents a physical 12x8 grid. Each <td> contains the text name (A1-H12) of the grid co-ordinate. I've added the jquery-ui selectable interaction to the table. I want users to be able to select an arbitrary set of grid co-ordinates. As well as selecting <td>s I'd like the user to be able to select entire rows and/or columns by clicking on the row or column <th>. Selection by <th> is causing me some difficulty:

  1. How do I determine which <td>s are in the same column (or row) as the selected <th>?
  2. Which selectable event should I use to move the selection from a th to the correct set of <td>s? stop, selected or selecting?

My jquery (which only allows me to look at the selected objects since I'm very unsure of how to do things):

$(function(){  $('#selectable').selectable({   filter:'td,th',      selected: function(event, ui){     console.log(event);     console.log(ui);        var s=$(this).find('.ui-selected');     console.log(s);        }  })  }); 

The table looks like this:

<table id='selectable'>   <tr>      <th>&nbsp;</th><!-- empty cell over row labels-->      <th class='colhead'>1</th> ...      <th class='colhead'>12</th>   </tr>   <tr>      <th class='rowhead'>A</th>      <td>A1</td> ...      <td>A12</td>   </tr> ...   <tr>      <th class='rowhead'>H</th>      <td>H1</td> ...      <td>H12</td>   </tr> </table> 

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The rowhead selection adds the class to the <td> and undoes the selection of the <th>'s.

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The colhead selection does the same for the columns, but is a bit more complex since you have to get the column index..
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$(function(){     $('#selectable').selectable({         filter:'td,th',         stop: function(event, ui){             $('#selectable th.ui-selected.rowhead').siblings('td').addClass('ui-selected').end().removeClass('ui-selected');             $('#selectable th.ui-selected.colhead').each(function(i){                 col= $(this).parent().children().index($(this)) +1;                 console.log(col)                 $(this).closest('tr').siblings().children('td:nth-child('+col+')').addClass('ui-selected');                 $(this).removeClass('ui-selected');             });         }     }) }); 

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