ASP Pages not rendering properly

ASP Pages not rendering properly

Good Morning,

I was having serious problems regarding this website.

What happens is everyytime I try to open a .shtml page in the site it always has an error "The Page Cannot Be Found" but this is highly unlikely since I already all have the resources in my local pc and already did a virtual directory for the entire site. Can you please tell me what's the problem? i've checked all the codes and they're constructed just fine.

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If you're attempting to view the page in Internet Explorer then I recommend turning off friendly HTTP error messages in the advanced settings.

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Disabling the setting may result in more verbose error messages, especially if it's an HTTP/500..
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This is not actually an ASP problem.

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.shtml files are handled by the server-side include ISAPI application extension.. In Web service Extensions folder under the server icon in IIS manager, ensure that Server Sice Includes is set to "Allowed"..

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