PostScript interface for non-PostScript printers with IPP and IIS?

PostScript interface for non-PostScript printers with IPP and IIS?

Is it possible to use IPP and IIS to provide a PostScript interface for a printer that does not natively support PostScript?

The aim here is to provide a generic interface for printing over IPP, so that clients can standardize on a single driver (PostScript) instead of having to download drivers for different printers. I could do this with CUPS, but would like to know if it is feasible with IIS, as well.

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IPP via IIS can only work for job-submission.

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You would still need an additional postscript-renderer in order to print to a printer which does not support postscript.

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CUPS comes with a set of default filters that could do the job for you..
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Answer: It is not possible to use IPP or IIS to provide a 'generic-postscript-printer-interface'..
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While IPP uses HTTP as a transport it is a different protocol.

Without substantial filters/extensions to IIS you can't use it s an IPP server..

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