Peek() and remove() methods for Queue implementation in Blackberry

Peek() and remove() methods for Queue implementation in Blackberry

I want to implement peek and remove methods , similar to Java's Queue.peek() and Queue.remove() , in Blackberry application. I have a custom queue implementation, but how do I get to peek at elements and remove elements from queue?

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Try to use Arrays class...

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if you need to peek, take last element from Object array, to remove just delete last one:.
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class Queue {     private Object[] mElements = new Object[] {};      public void enqueue(Object element) {     	Arrays.insertAt(mElements, element, 0);     }      public Object dequeue() {     	Object result = null;     	if (null != mElements && 0 < mElements.length) {     		result = mElements[mElements.length - 1];     		Arrays.remove(mElements, result);     	}     	return result;     }      public Object peek() {     	if (null != mElements && 0 < mElements.length)     		return mElements[mElements.length - 1];     	else     		return null;     }      public void remove() {     	if (null != mElements && 0 < mElements.length)     		Arrays.remove(mElements, peek());     } } 
Using example: .
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class Scr extends MainScreen {     public Scr() {     	Queue queue = new Queue();     	queue.enqueue(new String("3"));			     	queue.enqueue(new Boolean(true));     	queue.enqueue(new Integer(1));		     	//see "3" in console     	System.out.println(queue.peek());     	//see "3" still there     	System.out.println(queue.peek());     	//remove "3"     	queue.remove();     	//see "true" in console     	System.out.println(queue.peek());		     	//dequeue all elements     	Object element = null;     	while ((element = queue.dequeue()) != null) {     		System.out.println(element.toString());     	}     } } 

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You should be able to use a Vector to do these types of operations - firstElement() to peek at the first in the list, lastElement() to peek at the last, or elementAt() to look at anything in between.

Then use removeElementAt() to remove an element..

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