Easiest way to convert CArchive to use SQL database for serialization?

Easiest way to convert CArchive to use SQL database for serialization?

I have an existing application that uses CArchive to serialize a object structure to a file. I am wondering if can replace the usage of CArchive with some custom class to write to a database the same way that things are serialized. Before I go about figuring if this is doable I was wondering if other people have done the same- what is the best approach to this problem? I would like to be able to create a drop in replacement for the usage of CArchive so that the existing object structure would simply read/write to/from a database rather than a serialized file. Is it as simple as overwriting the Serialize method for each class?

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Short answer: forget it..
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Longer answer:.
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CArchive doesn't have a single virtual member.

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Even it's destructor isn't virtual, which means you're not supposed to derive from that class (C# programmers say sealed)..
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There's only one possibility that I can think of to customize CArchive's work (and without rewriting the whole serialization code in CDocument): Construct your CArchive object by passing it a pointer to CFile derived class that would handle the data connection for you..
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From there on, how you control your database by simply overriding CFile's Read() and Write() is beyond my imagination :-(.
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