How to configure eclipse to autosave on run?

How to configure eclipse to autosave on run?

I'm looking for a configuration or plugin for eclipse that automatically saves files (so I don't have to use Ctrl+S). It could do it on lost focus or over some period of time. I think I saw something like that (I know IDEA has it), but I cant find it now.

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The OP IAdapter added in the comments:.
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I bet plugin like I describe exists..
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and you are right!.
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Eclipse plugin saveDirtyEditor should do just what you need.

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Copy the SaveDirtyEditors_1.0.2.jar in your plugin directory..
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You will get a new preference page under.
General > Editors > Text Editors > Save Dirty Editors 
, allowing you to save dirty files like '' under '' every 30 seconds (can be less if you want).. Without additional plugin, though, Eclipse does not support natively that feature.. The closest could be:.
Window > Preferences > type "build"   > General > Workspace > [x] Save automatically before build 
That way, each time you hit CTRL+B for actually building your sources, they would be saved.
But I realize this is not exactly what you are after.
Beware your option would not be very efficient with the "build automatically" option activated...

(that would trigger too much builds). Again, without achieving exactly what you are looking for, you also have:.
Run/Debug > Launching > Save required dirty editors before launching Run/Debug > Launching > [x] Build (if required) before launching 
Note: the difference between IntelliJ IDEA and eclipse is the "compile on save" feature:. As mentioned in the IDEA FAQ:.
Can I enable "compile on save" in IntelliJ IDEA?. IntelliJ IDEA currently doesn't support this feature.
However there is an "Eclipse-mode" plug-in which provides similar functionality, so we suggest you to try this plug-in.
Note that by default IntelliJ IDEA saves the files for you, so you don't have to press the Ctrl+S shortcut frequently like you need to do in other IDEs..
However, with Eclipse, the "build on save" is activated by default, hence the absence of that particular feature..

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I wrote a plugin a long time ago to do this that still seems to work: It saves the editor when it loses focus.

However, if you switch away from eclipse it doesn't notice..


No need to install more plugin.

. Window -> Preferences -> General -> Workspace and there you can check:.
Save automatically before build + Build automatically  
If that doesn't work try this:. Preferences -> Run/Debug -> Launching -> Save dirty editors before launching.

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