Aptana 1.5 “svn: Error resolving case of”

Aptana 1.5 “svn: Error resolving case of”

I've installed Aptana 1.5 today but after the install all my SVN projects give me an error like this when I try to commit, update, repair, etc:

Access is denied.   svn: Error resolving case of 'C:\Users\Brayn\My Documents\Aptana Studio Workspace\PentruConstrucii' 

I've uninstalled my previous version of aptana, reinstalled aptana 1.5, changed my workspace and it still gives me this error.

Do you know what could it be ?

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"C:\Users" means Windows Vista or 7...
It may be related the way SVN handle Windows Vista symbolic link ("junction"): poorly, according to this ticket (also described in bug 3208):.
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This bug is reproducible 100% of the time..
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1) If you invoke "svn delete" against a Windows Vista symbolic-link, such as "c:\documents and settings\<username>\my documents\<some path>" then Subversion will fail with "svn: Error resolving case of 'C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\my documents\<some path>"'".
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2) If you set the current working directory to "c:\documents and settings\<username>\my documents\<some path>" and invoke "svn delete" against the local filename the operation succeeds flawlessly.

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It may be related to some ACL rights preventing the SVN to access the data:.
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Subversion tries (via APR) to resolve the exact case of all paths passed to it.

This fails because this specific example has a path that is unreadable in its path.
You can see this via:.
C:\>cacls "c:\Documents and Settings" C:\Documents and Settings                           Everyone:(DENY)(special access:) FILE_READ_DATA 
I know you are referencing C:\Users here, but may be SVN try internally the old path..


I've had this exact same error display if I end a directory name with a \ from a cmd.exe shell:.
C:\> svn co http://my/repo/ "C:\Work\My Repo\" svn: Error resolving case of 'C:\Work\My Repo"'  C:\> svn co  http://my/repo/ "C:\Work\My Repo"  U   C:\Work\My Repo Checked out revision 13768. 

I think it ends up interpreting the final \" as an escaped double-quote instead of a backslash and the end of the string..


Old question, but I had a related and similar problem with a solution that appears relevant to this:. My (unrelated electronic design automation) program was throwing svn: Error resolving case of "<blah blah> errors followed by what looked like my commit log message.

I eventually figured out that some double quotes (") I was using for the log message was being interpreted as terminating the message, then the rest of my babbling was taken as input to svn.

My solution was to just use single quotes instead.. For your case, it sounds like it could be your program (Aptana) could be screwing up because when it sees spaces in the path name, it encloses the path in quotes, possibly breaking something (redundant quotes?).

It would be resolved when you just work in the root C:\ because there are no spaces in the WC root path ...\My Documents\.....

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