Unit testing Cocoa User Interface

Unit testing Cocoa User Interface

Anyone please let me know some links or examples for Unit testing user interface code. Is there a complete example app on that.

Thanks in Advance, Bhanu

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You could, if your app is accessible, use Automator for testing user interfaces... Just record a workflow inside your app.... Don't know if this is good enough.. Just a suggestion..


I'm not aware of any publicly-available tools for testing UI for Cocoa applications. Depending on what you're hoping to test, you find find F-Script to be useful. Unit testing UI is generally a lot more complex than it sounds, especially since UI tends to change a lot during devlopment (and across localizations). If you're talking around directly testing whether although ton X triggers code Y, or if clicking X causes UI action Y to occur, you may be out of luck. However, you must certainly test whether methods invoked by UI job correctly..

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