Well-written Open Source Cocoa apps to learn from? [closed]

Well-written Open Source Cocoa apps to learn from? [closed]

I'm learning Cocoa, and while I get comfortable with Objective-C and the concepts around it, I sometimes struggle applying the theory (like Model/View/Controller) to practice. Apple's documentation often gives me 'A Ha!' moments, but it would be cool to have a well-written Cocoa App as a reference.

So, do you know of a very well written Cocoa App with public source code?

UITextField - clearButtonMode only in code, not in IB?


How does NSMutableData work?
I would take a look at the adium sourcecode. What's the easiest way to create an array of structs? I learnt Cocoa around five years ago, and at the time I used to hang out a lot in their IRC channel talking Cocoa to them. NSString instance reports its class as NSCFString They are a very friendly bunch and one of them is very active on here too.. Getting the row of a NSButtonCell Anyway, Adium (when I knew it anyway) is a very well put toreceive her bit of OpenSource Cocoa: you'll be sure to learn a lot looking at the way things are done there. Best Practice: Animating a view into display onto iPhone Peter is a hell of a nit-picker as well so you'll be sure to see lots of well thought out, well designed code to commit you ideas too.. What are alternatives to Objective-C for Mac programming? HTH. Possible locations to call addObserver and removeObserver methods


Thanks jkp, didn't know Peter Hosey worked on Adium! To add to his point, Peter Hosey's website has a list of re-useable open-source Mac software (both apps and libraries)..

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